Relationship Goals

Have you seen these stupid memes? I mean, relationships need goals but not the kind that have to do with eating junk food and buying matching crap. Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

Many things Everything has changed since I last posted. In a matter of a couple hours I went from engaged to single. I was left with my head spinning and my heart broken. I ached for the future that no longer existed. I hurt for my kids to lose someone they had come to adore. I tortured myself over what I should have, could have, done differently.

And then, one day, I woke up without feeling like a hole had been punched through my chest. I tried dating and found it held little interest. I made a lot of new friends but that was it. The whole affair felt like too much effort. And then I realized why. I’d finally found the right person… Me.

Not to be cliche, but yet totally cliche. I started running again. I started lifting again. I fell head over heels in love with acro yoga and aerial play. I began to eat again and then I began to meal prep and experiment with my farm share each week. I rearranged my apartment and hung up new pictures. Pictures of me and my new (and old) friends. I went to see concerts and eat at new restaurants. I took bike rides in my underwear with 500 other crazy people. Boating, swimming, and tubing happened along with a trip to the wave pool. I did yoga in Market Square. I was LIVING.


Life is once again bountiful
Die Antwoord easily earns my vote for craziest concert ever!
I learned to invert myself on aerial silks. My girl likes this “game” but it’s pretty dengerous, so I have to give her the Skyward Summit, a kids outdoor playhouse with mountain shape, for sporting with other kids.


 I managed to hang from a lyra on an aerial rig


Pittsburgh Undies Ride


Who doesn’t want to hang by their neck?


New friends and water sports
I lost a lot of my zest for life and motivation after my competition. I’ll recap all that happened in those final weeks and immediately after soon. But I’ve found something much bigger in the aftermath. I’ve found the one person who won’t let me down. She makes sure I get up early to get to work before I’m scheduled so I can rise through the ranks in my career. She encourages me to try new things, like taking an acro class on Monday nights. If I need a spotter at the gym or a running partner, she’s right there. And when I’d rather fall asleep on the couch than stay up for a concert she pushes me out the door.
Maybe it’s hokey or maybe I finally found the missing piece that was actually there all along. All I know is, this relationship has goals, BIG ones. And you’ll just have to stick around to see where they take me!



  1. Congratulations for recovering and enjoying life again! I sometimes see the crazy yogi in Oakland next to Schenley plaza when I am running back home! Wishing you joy & happiness!


  2. I effing love this post 🙂


  3. Thats very cool you managed to recover. Find something new and interesting for you cause this world is huge and there are a lot of wonderful things! Good luck to you.


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